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Unleash Creativity and Growth with Harvey Doodleson

Welcome to Harvey Doodleson's world, where every book and journal is a portal to imagination and self-discovery. I invite you to embark on a journey filled with colorful stories and insightful diaries, designed to inspire, educate, and grow with you.

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About Me.

I am Harvey Doodleson, your guide through realms of creativity and self-exploration. My passion lies in creating books and journals that aren’t just tools for learning, but companions on your journey of personal growth. Each page is a canvas for your imagination, each story a step towards understanding yourself and the world around you.

Ready to explore your creative potential?
Dive into our unique collection today. Start your journey of growth and discovery now!


Colors of Israel: Coloring and Activity Book

Explore 'Colors of Israel' by Harvey Doodleson, a vibrant journey through Israel's history and culture in a 48-page coloring book, perfect for all ages.

My Products

In every Harvey Doodleson creation, there's a piece of my heart and a spark of imagination. My collaboration with DIDEA amplifies this journey, intertwining our shared values of growth and creative exploration. Together, we bring you an experience that transcends the ordinary.


A World in Coloring

Dive into my coloring books, where each color stroke brings stories to life, fostering creativity and relaxation.


Journals of Discoveries

Explore my diaries, more than journals; they're guides for self-reflection and growth, filled with inspiring prompts for your journey.

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