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Itay Dahan
DIDEA, where ideas bloom into vibrant brands!

I'm Itay Dahan, a creative botanist cultivating visual identities with a blend of innovation, strategy, and an AI-powered toolset. With a background that spans technology, cooking, photography, and more, I offer a unique flavor of creativity that helps businesses grow and thrive.

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Growing Together: Our Services

Growth in Action: Our Portfolio

Dive into the growth journey of brand development. Witness the transformation from a seed of an idea to a blossoming brand. Here are a couple of examples showing that.

Maslol Project

An immersive branding journey:

We transformed a platform for creators into a vibrant, distinctive digital haven using AI photography and innovative design strategies.

Caffeinating a brand: Comprehensive branding for a coffee cart, infusing everything from logos, ads, menus to cups with robust creativity and strategic innovation.

Reama coffee branding

Hear what our clients are saying 

I recommend Itay without hesitation. The work process with Itay was thoroughly professional; he adhered to the timeline and quickly grasped our needs, delivering fantastic and high-quality outputs. Beyond that, it's a sheer pleasure working with him.
I wholeheartedly recommend him!

Shlomo, Dguide

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